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Tim Resch is a professional outfitter with 38 years of experience. He has lived and ridden the country outside of Estes Park, CO since 1980. Tim started his career with the FWL Outfitter & Guide School in Montana where he graduated in 1988 with top honors and a high motivation and devotion to be the best.  After graduation he started his own business, Silverado Outfitters LLC, in the San Juan Mountains, pulling pack strings between Durango, Silverton, and Telluride. From 1991 till 1998 Tim was the supervisor of a successful 70 horse operation that included carriage rides, sleigh rides, pack trips and hunting camps. In 1998 Tim started his next business Estes Park Outfitters Inc, a big game hunting operation, which he still successfully runs today. He also provides private horseback and snowcat tours and remote backcountry lodging.

Tim was also one of three U.S. Government Licensed Animal Packers, hired by Rocky Mountain National Park every summer, since 1997, to pack needed supplies into remote wilderness areas using up to a 18-mule pack string.  He combines his extensive skills, learned over many years of packing, outfitting, and guiding, with his utmost attention to safety for his livestock, wranglers, and equipment.  His love for the outdoors and appreciation for nature and wildlife shows in the everyday practice of his backcountry ethics.  Tim Resch is insured, licensed, and a permittee of the Roosevelt National Forest.  He is also a member of the Colorado Outfitters Association, State of Colorado Outfitters Registration #1932.


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Tim is a well versed, experienced guide. His tour is the opportunity of lifetime. He shares his stories of the mountains and the spirit for which he is the steward of the land. The views and the experience is not given full credit by words and photos. The land imparts an indelible impression on your soul leaving a piece of it there safe and secure in his mountain cabin. Many thanks!

-Robert M

Tim, the owner and our guide, a man who love his horses, is an honest, responsible, adventurous man who lives with integrity and by his word ... principles of a true cowboy.

- Christiaan D

I am very grateful to Tim for letting me join him in a beautiful morning's ride through some superb scenery. A real pleasure.

- Lesley F

Tim encourages you to get to know your horse / work with your horse / learn from your horse, which, for me, was really important. He's very encouraging and is happy to teach you about the flora and fauna of the area.

- Caroline

Tim's a fantastic horseman and he gave riding tips to guide us through the whole thing, whether or not we were familiar with horses.

- Molly

Tim Resch is that guy. He showed us how to handle his horses, he took us in a group of 5 over small trails, up and downhill to an old homestead. He told us about the history of it. We recommend him very strongly when you are looking for that personal touch. It was awesome! Thank you Tim!

- Ronald

I highly recommend a private tour with Tim Resch!

- Becky

Tim did a great job selecting the perfect horses for us - my daughter is an experience rider while I am not. The horses chosen were a perfect fit.


TripAdvisor Reviews

Poem and picture of a very dear friend of mine.

The Hunt

Every person,

should know for certain,

that nothing is for sure.

Our paths may cross,

and ways be lost,

though rarely twice the same.

But if it may,

who's to say,

that chance will never happen.

So if you look,

put down the book,

it's more than words can tell.

The truth we feel,

is only real,

when we learn to follow.

Go to the source,

and trust the force,

the course has long been set.

So push the game,

and take good aim,

your shot will hit it's mark.

The chance you take,

is no mistake,

it's chance the hunt is for.

- C.B.R. 11/96 for Resch